Terms and Conditions

Confirmation of Terms and Conditions

Please read the following information carefully-All or part of the following may pertain to your confirmation and is subject to change without notice.

Re-booking: Please note - you have 72 hours after your arrival date to re-book your same accommodation for the same week the following year. Should you not place a confirmed deposit within 72 hours of your arrival date, the property may be available to be reserved by another potential guest. Due to factors out of D.V.R.’s control, the property you have reserved may not be available for the same week the following year.

Identification: For the purpose of this document, the document will be referred to as a confirmation from this point forward. The guest, renter, tenant is referred to as guest from this point forward. Vacation home or condominium shall be referred to as rental property from this point forward. The homeowner will be referred to as property owner from this point forward and Dream Vacation Rentals will be referred to as D.V.R.

Payment Terms: Final payment must be made by personal check, cashier’s check, electronic check, or money order. Checks must be payable in US funds and drawn from a US financial institution; otherwise any bank fees to convert to US funds will be the guest’s responsibility. Final payments are due 60 days prior to arrival. Any final payment that is not received by the due date may result in cancellation of the reservation. Wire transfers are subject to administrative fees not to exceed $50. Please remit payments to: Dream Vacation Rentals PO Box 1341 Sanibel, FL 33957. Should payment not be received 60 days prior to your scheduled arrival, your credit card on file may be automatically charged along with a 3.5% credit card processing fee.

Returned Checks: Post-dated checks will not be accepted. Returned checks will be charged according to Florida law (7 days from receipt to tender payment of the full amount of such check plus a service charge of $25 if the face value does not exceed $50; $30 if the face value exceeds $50 but does not exceed $300, $40 if the face value exceeds $300; or an amount of up to 5% of the face amount of the check, whichever is greater).

Check-In: The check-in process begins at 4 p.m. but is not guaranteed. Guests should not expect to take occupancy sooner than times stated. In some cases check-in may be delayed due to circumstances beyond our control. Rate adjustments cannot be made for late check-in or early departure.

Check-out: Check-out will be promptly by 10 a.m. No late check-outs can be granted, any guest that fails to check-out by 10 a.m. will be assessed a late check-out fee of one days rent for failure to vacate. In any event the guest will not be allowed to occupy the premises after 10:00 am the day of check-out.

Cancellation Policy: The Reservation Fee is a non-refundable fee at any time. D.V.R. will retain all prepaid funds should guest cancel at any point unless the rental property is re-booked for the same dates and rate. A partial refund may be applicable for the same dates booked at an adjusted rate. Optional trip insurance is available in most cases that can help to protect guests from unforeseeable circumstances that may be reason for cancellation. All cancellations must be made in writing to be binding. All cancellation refunds will be refunded, less administrative fees, 6-8 weeks after date of cancellation.

Trip Protection Insurance: D.V.R. does offer optional trip cancellation insurance for US residents which protects guests from unforeseen circumstances that may cause a cancellation or early departure. Trip insurance must be purchased at the time of confirming the reservation for pre-existing factors. Please ask our office for a brochure if you did not receive one.

Confirmation: Reservations are not considered confirmed until a member of D.V.R. management has approved the booking. D.V.R. reserves the right to audit, adjust, or cancel any confirmed reservation for inaccuracy or misquoted information at no penalty to D.V.R.. Confirmation of rental property can only be established when a deposit is made. All payment and cancellation policies are placed in effect at that time. Once a reservation is confirmed, a rental property will be assigned. However, no rental property request is guaranteed. Any difference in rate is subject to guest approval.

Substitution of Accommodations: D.V.R. reserves the right to move, relocate, reassign or change the rental property noted on the front of this confirmation for unforeseen circumstances. D.V.R. will make every effort to re-book the guest in a like and kind or upgraded rental property. Under no circumstances does this confirmation guarantee the rental property selection or assignment. Under no circumstances will D.V.R. be liable for any other charges incurred for property moves or cancellations.

Maximum Occupants: The maximum number of guests is set by the property owner and/or association and includes small children and infants. The accurate number of guests must be adhered to at all times and any change in the number of guests must be reported to D.V.R.. The maximum occupancy for your stay is noted on the confirmation. Exceeding these limits shall result in forfeiture of payments/deposits and will incur an extra charge per person to the guest. Reservations obtained under false pretenses will cause forfeiture of all payments and the guests will be asked to vacate the rental property immediately.

Reservations Made By Others: All reservations made by owners, outside travel agents and or reservation services are subject to rules and policies of D.V.R.. D.V.R. is not responsible for inaccurate or misleading representations presented by the vacation rental owner or outside travel agents. Guests will be required to resolve any discrepancies directly with the owner of the accommodation or their travel or booking agent.

Association Rules: All accommodations are confirmed with the understanding that all guests will abide by the rules and regulations prescribed by individual owners, condominium or homeowner associations as required for each rental property.

No Smoking: ALL D.V.R. rental properties are considered non-smoking. Smoking is permitted outside only. Some porches may not be suitable for smoking due to ventilation and proximity of rental properties nearby. Any guest that smokes inside a rental property will be asked to leave immediately and all charges to restore the rental property back to its original condition will be charged to the guest.

Maintenance: In the event of equipment malfunction within a rental property, D.V.R. will expedite repairs as quickly as possible. From time to time, it may be necessary to close tennis courts, swimming pools and other amenities for maintenance purposes. Any maintenance items should be reported to D.V.R. as soon as possible and may require vendors outside of D.V.R. to repair and/or replace equipment. Should a repairman make a call to a rental property and find the equipment is not in working order due to guest misuse, oversight or neglect, the fee for the service will be charged to the guest. No rent adjustments can be made for circumstances beyond our control or for malfunction or loss of use of equipment or amenities.

Damage Waiver: The cost is a onetime fee added onto the reservation. Paying the fee for this plan covers up to $1500 in
accidental damage.  The fee is easily cheaper than paying for that broken lamp or chair out of your pocket. The cost of this peace
of mind will be added to your reservation during booking. The plan covers unintentional damage to the vacation rental during the remainder of your stay. Most common uses of the plan include carpet spills, furniture tears, broken lamps and more. The plan does not include intentional property damage or any pet damage (including in a pet-friendly home). The fee is non-refundable and may be replaced with a refundable security deposit of $1500.

Acts of Nature: D.V.R. cannot be held liable for any acts of nature or occurrences beyond our control. No rate adjustments will be made.

Pets: Pets are not permitted in most rental properties unless specifically authorized. In the event that a rental property does accept a pet, D.V.R. must be notified when making the reservation and a non-refundable pet fee is applied to the reservation. In the event that a guest has a pet in a rental property where it is not allowed, this will cause forfeiture of all payments, the guests will be asked to remove the animal and/or vacate the rental property immediately. The guest will be charged for any costs with regard to returning the rental property to its original condition.

Furnishings: All rental properties are individually owned and decorated. Items such as furnishings, appliances, equipment, style, quality, colors, etc. are provided solely by the owner. D.V.R. does not accept liability for the aesthetic or functional perception of the rental properties contents and no rate adjustment can be made.

Parking: Motor homes, boat trailers, travel trailers, jet skis, etc. are not allowed at the rental properties. Please ask about local storage of such vehicles and equipment prior to arrival.

Pools: The rental property owner or rental property association controls pool temperatures. D.V.R. is not responsible for pool or spa temperatures, closures or malfunctions. No credit, discount and/or rate adjustments can be granted for items mentioned above or circumstances beyond our control. There will be days when the weather conditions will not allow pool heaters to accommodate swimming and temperature recovery times will vary.

Amenities: Amenities vary at each rental property. Please contact D.V.R. for specific needs you may have regarding rental property amenities. D.V.R. is not liable for malfunction or closure of rental property amenities and no credits and/or discounts can be granted for circumstances beyond our control.

Units for Sale: In the event that the rental property, which guest is renting, is listed for sale, we may find the need to show the property during a guest’s stay. We will make every attempt to schedule the showing at a convenient time so as not to disturb your vacation. By acceptance of this confirmation guest agrees to allow rental properties to be shown.

Entry of Premises: Guest agrees to allow D.V.R. employees, vendors, contractors or subcontractors access to the rental property for any reason to make repairs, improvements, care for or manage the property.

Agency Disclosure: D.V.R. serves as agent and representative of all owners of condominium units and private dwellings in its rental program and is acting at all times in and for the best interest of the owner.

Release and Indemnity: Guest(s), Guest(s) visitor(s)/invitee(s) agree as follows: (a.) Neither Owner, D.V.R., nor agent of D.V.R. (members, ofcers, directors, shareholders, employees, or other representatives), shall at any time be liable or responsible in any way for any loss, injury, death, or damage caused or in connection with the Guest’s use/ occupancy of the rental property or associated amenities, including but not limited to use of bicycles, kayaks, surfboards, etc.; or events resulting from an act(s) of god, government or other authorities, civil disturbances, hijacks, thefts, war or any circumstance beyond its control; and (b.) Guest(s) and anyone associated to Guest(s) (successors, legal representatives, assignee, directors, stockholders) holds harmless Owner, D.V.R., or agent of D.V.R., and hereby indemnies, releases and forever discharges Owner, D.V.R., or agent of D.V.R., from and against any and all loss, liability, damages, actions, causes of action, claims, legal fees, court costs and expenses, arising from, connected to, or based on injury to or death of any person, or damage to property. This includes the loss of use, caused in whole or in part by Guest(s), Guest(s) visitor(s)/ invitee(s), regardless of whether or not caused in whole or in part by the negligence of the Owner, D.V.R. or agent of D.V.R.; provided, this indemnication shall not apply with respect to losses arising directly from the willful misconduct of Owner, D.V.R. or agent of D.V.R..

Pest Control: Rental properties are treated for pest control by the condominium association or by a contracted pest control company. D.V.R. will make every effort to address pest control concerns, but is not responsible for rebates due to the presence of pests or in the event of untimely service by pest control companies. Sanibel and Captiva are tropical islands and some pests are inherent to the region and climate making them resilient against professional treatment.

Hurricane Policy: If you are traveling between June and November, please note that this is hurricane season. We would encourage guests to purchase trip insurance to protect your investment, as owners are not required to rebate rent in the event of a voluntary or mandatory evacuation.

Student Groups: Any guest under 25 years old must be accompanied by a parent and/or guardian. Reservations obtained under false pretenses will cause forfeiture of all payments and guests will be asked to vacate the rental property immediately.

Accuracy of Information: To the best of D.V.R.'s knowledge the information contained on this confirmation and our websites is accurate but not guaranteed. Descriptions, rates and property amenities listed on this confirmation are subject to change without notice. Omissions, additions or errors as well as changes in property bedding, furnishings, equipment, etc., shall not be the responsibility of D.V.R., owner, or agent. Guests are required to check with D.V.R. about specific items of importance to them.

Maid Service/Special Requests: Linens and bath towels are included in each rental property and have been inventoried prior to your arrival. We cannot guarantee your rental property will supply beach equipment or towels. Your rental property is cleaned prior to your arrival and upon your departure, but does not include daily maid service. Daily maid service can be arranged with a minimum of 24 hours’ notice for an additional charge. Cribs and other child care needs or other guest convenience items are offered at an additional charge and can be arranged prior to guest arrival. Preferences will be noted, but not guaranteed.

Causeway Tolls: There is a $6.00 round-trip toll to reach Sanibel and Captiva. D.V.R. does not reimburse toll charges.

Reservation Fee: The Reservation Fee on the face of this confirmation is non-refundable at any time for any reason.

Unit Telephone: Although most property owners provide a landline for your convenience they are no longer required to do so. For those units with a landline there is no charge for incoming calls or outgoing local calls. Outgoing long-distance calls must be charged to a credit card or calling card, billed to your home number, or collect. A minimum handling fee of $10.00 (or 35% of the long distance charges, whichever is greater) will be imposed for long-distance calls charged to the property phone. If you require a landline during your stay please verify with Dream Vacation Rentals that your property offers one.

Misc. Charges: Most rental properties have keyless entry, however, certain properties may have a lock box. A $10 charge will be assessed for each key not returned to rental property lock box (if applicable) upon checkout. A late checkout fee (described above) may be charged in the event of keys not returned by 10 a.m.

Mail/Faxes: Please arrange to have any mail sent to you in care of D.V.R. at our address and not sent directly to the unit. Facsimile services are available in the office.

Interest of Bearing Account: All payments may be placed in an interest bearing account. It is understood that D.V.R. shall retain all interest earned.